I cannot say enough great things about Melissa!

I cannot say enough great things about Melissa! She came to my home and organized fifteen years worth of photographs into labeled albums. My children and myself can now easily access our family memories and actually know when and where the photos were taken.

Elizabeth C.

There is no job too big for Melissa!

There is no job too big for Melissa. When it was only one month away from opening week of our day camp, we realized the basement that housed our supplies was in complete disarray. We knew that the supplies needed to be organized so that each art and game specialist had what they needed to make the camp season a success for each camper, but we weren’t sure how to go about it. Melissa immediately took on the job discarding the old, unused and expired supplies and making sense of the remaining products. The supplies were sorted into categories and arranged on shelving units allowing us to easily access them when needed.

Joshua D.

I can walk through my basement again!

I can walk through my basement again! Enough said. For years my basement has been used as a storage space instead of an entertainment space. Melissa helped me to sort through my clutter and organize it into categories (donations, sell and trash). I’m so happy with the outcome of this project and now that the clutter was removed, I once again have a space for my family to gather.

Jean K.

It’s such a positive change!

I never realized the impact having an organized home could have on the rest of my life. Melissa came into my home and gave it the revamp it needed! Not only is my home refreshed, but my mind feels clear as well! Getting dressed in the morning used to be stressful and daunting. It’s such a positive change to be able to easily access the clothing in my closets. Now that everything is arranged by season and color, I can and get dressed in a matter of minutes and am out the door, actually on time to where I’m going!

Jennifer O.

It's a miracle!

A home refresh doesn’t begin to describe the miracle that took place when I hired Melissa! Before Melissa worked her magic, none of my five hallway closets served any single purpose. They were each filled with food, clothing, toiletries, wrapping paper and products that expired 15+ years ago. Now each closet serves a sole purpose, housing what’s left of my clutter in a systematic way! My holiday tablecloths have a closet, my sheets & towels have their own linen closet and my office supplies have a closet. But my favorite part is that my wrapping paper, ribbons and bows have a home and I no longer have to wrap my family’s birthday gifts in Christmas paper because it’s all I could ever find! I now know what I have already purchased and I can stop overbuying due to the unknown.

Carly B.

Thank you again Melissa for an outstanding job! 

I recently had to move my entire house to three storage units while I wait to get into my new home.  Talk about a daunting task (!) – that is until Melissa came to the rescue.  She made the entire project easy, efficient, and seamless with her amazing packing and organization skills!  Everything was labeled, color coordinate and cataloged. When my movers arrived, they were astonished at how synchronized everything was. It made their job easier and in the long run less expensive for me since moving everything took less time.  The movers were so impressed that they asked for her business card.  They plan on recommending her to future  clients. Thank you again Melissa for an outstanding job! 

Elaine G.